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Rashy is the sock monkey son of writer Paul Dini and magician Misty Lee. He has a brother named Super-Rica, and Hobart, a dangerous pet thylacine. He originally created this site to sell Russian pharmaceuticals to senior citizens. It has since been appropriated by his parents, who use it to keep a public log of Rashy’s misbehavior.

Radio Rashy Episode 169 - Santa Claus is a Bitch This Year

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With the arrival of fall it's never too early to start planning for the holidays. As always, weapons of mass destruction top Rashy's list.

Radio Rashy Episode 168 - Mission Half Accomplished

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As Misty puts up shelves, the gang discusses everything from ineffectual superhero costumes to the new movie "Tusk." Also, Rashy alienates Asia. Good Times.

Radio Rashy Episode 167 - A Disposable Feast

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Another round of tasty discussions as the gang orders pizza again, but Rashy (and the disposal) are the only two who devour any.
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