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Rashy is the sock monkey son of writer Paul Dini and magician Misty Lee. He has a brother named Super-Rica, and Hobart, a dangerous pet thylacine. He originally created this site to sell Russian pharmaceuticals to senior citizens. It has since been appropriated by his parents, who use it to keep a public log of Rashy’s misbehavior.

Radio Rashy Episode 164 - Countdown to Comic Con 2014

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It's San Diego Comic Con time again! This year Paul and Misty discuss their plans for the show with Warner Animation legend Alan Burnett! Also, Alan announces the debut of the new animated feature, BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM and tells how you can attend the San Diego premiere!

Radio Rashy Episode 163 - Craphole Island Jukebox

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This week the gang heads south for a musical tropical vacation in such exotic locales as Jamaica, Brazil, Zanzibar, Tasmania, Hawaii, and Brazil! Also, a special trip back to Lost's Craphole Island! Plop yourself on the sand, order up a Mai Tai and relax, but watch out for the polar bears. Brazil!

Radio Rashy Episode 162 - Set A Shining Example

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Paul and Misty debate the loss of true villains and the rising moral ambiguity of heroes. Also, Rashy eats Skittles.
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